Sponsor a school child in Toniataba

Going to school as a child is not a matter of course everywhere. Also in The Gambia many children do not get a chance to learn due to lack of money. Almost 80% of the population in The Gambia is unemployed and if there is income, it is often no more than € 20, – per month. With your help Karamba Foundation can ensure that more children can go to school. How can it be done?

For only € 5,00 a month, you can support a child so he or she gets the chance to go to school. In addition to one year of schooling, the child also receives a uniform, shoes and a school bag. But also a donation is always welcome.

Become a sponsor
To become a sponsor, just click the button below and choose the option “S€pa direct debit” (you can adjust the amount of money) or choose one of the other options.