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The construction of the new school has been approved!

… but this is where the “Senior Secondary School” will soon rise!
In June 2020 we told you about our plans to set up a vocational school for the children in Toniataba and Soma, Gambia. And now the time has finally come, the construction has been approved, indeed, next September the school will already be completed!
The construction itself is financed by the MRC-Holland Foundation (www.foundation.mrc-holland.com), the running costs are covered by the Mobse, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (www.eduagambia.gm) and we are responsible for furnishing the practical classrooms.
So there is no time to lose, and that is why we are diligently looking for generous donors. Would you like to help us? You can help us in several ways:

  • By donating materials to equip the practice rooms (tools, workbenches, etc.)
  • By making a financial donation
  • And of course by spreading this message as much as possible!
  • Will you help us?

Sponsor a scholar!

Going to school as a child is not a matter of course everywhere. Also in The Gambia many children do not get a chance to learn due to lack of money. Almost 80% of the population in The Gambia is unemployed and if there is income, it is often no more than € 20, – per month. With your help Karamba Foundation can ensure that more children can go to school. How can it be done?

For only € 5,00 a month, you can support a child so he or she gets the chance to go to school. In addition to one year of schooling, the child also receives a uniform, shoes and a school bag. But also a donation is always welcome.

Become a sponsor
To become a sponsor, just click the button below and choose the option “S€pa direct debit” (you can adjust the amount of money) or choose one of the other options.

Nice aprons

Besides bags and pen cases, we also make and sell aprons. You can even order them with your (company) name embroidered on them! For example, we have already made aprons for the employees of Koping Flora in Ermelo. The proceeds from the sale of the aprons, which are available from € 8.50, will go entirely to our foundation. Interested or need more information? You can reach us at info@stichtingkaramba.

Pen cases for school children in Toniataba

From the pieces of cloth that remain after making the bags (see our previous post), volunteers Marina van Veen and Bep de Vries make pen cases for the school children in Toniataba, Gambia. We fill the cases with pens and pencils, donated by Open Doors. Do you have any school supplies left? We will be very happy with them!

We’ve received printers

Jan van den Berg Makelaardij & Hypotheken gave us two very nice professional printers, including a whole stock of cartridges! The first one has already been transported to The Gambia and will probably arrive at the end of June, the second will be transported with the next container.

Jan van den Berg Makelaardij & Hypotheken thanks a lot, the school in Toniataba is very happy with it!