Thrift store in Soma

One of the projects that Karamba Foundation has realized is the establishment of a thrift shop in Soma.

Our contact Karamba already sold clothes and toys in Soma that we sent him from the Netherlands. He was very successful in this and it clearly met a need. This gave rise to the idea to set up and operate a shop. There are already a number of this kind of shops in the coastal area, but not in the interior.

The used-good shop in Soma provides employment and sufficient income for a number of people. From the income that remains, we finance new projects in Soma and Toniataba. Another positive side effect is that residents of the area can now buy necessary items for relatively low prices.

Filled containers
In October 2015 the first 40 ft container with goods was sent to Soma. Mid November 2015 the board members of the Karamba Foundation left for Soma to help Karamba with the furnishing of the shop. The shop, named Karamba Foundation, opened its doors on 18 November 2015. Stuff flies out of the shop. Meanwhile there are already a large number of filled containers shipped to The Gambia. The intention is to send 4-5 containers per year to Soma.

The goods we send from the Netherlands to Soma are mainly donated by recycling shop/learn-work company De Zaak van Ermelo, Kringloopwinkel Ermelo and Dorcas Elburg. But also several private individuals have donated goods. We hope to continue to appeal to them in the future.