Skills Center

Our challenge for 2020! The establishment of a Skills Center in Toniataba. Will you help us realize this challengte?!

It is a great wish of the people of Toniataba and of our foundation to help young people in Toniataba and surroundings with their development and to create economic independence for the future. An education is important for the development of young people and therefore it is necessary to have a Skills Center where young people can learn a trade.

In the current situation there are many drop-outs from education in The Gambia. Because of this they cannot generate an income for themselves and send their own children to school. The objective of the Skill Centre is to break this vicious circle and teach young people a profession that will enable them to support themselves and give them a chance for a better life. The expected end result is that in the long term more and more young people from Toniataba and surroundings will follow a real education and thus be able to provide themselves with an income.

The project has the following objectives:

  • Realizing a skills center for young people from 15-16 years old from Toniataba and surroundings. At the start of the skills center at least 100 students must be accommodated. In the following years the school should grow to approximately 400 students.
  • The realization of initially 8 training directions:
    • Bicycle mechanic
    • Electric mechanic
    • Car mechanic
    • Carpenter
    • Mason
    • Plumber
    • Solar panel mechanic
    • Tailor
  • Achieving employment in the aforementioned focus areas.

Realizing and operating a skills center costs a lot of money. We are therefore looking for donations and funds for this purpose. Will you also help to give the children in Toniataba a better future? Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Would you like to know more about this ambitious plan or would you like to contribute in another way? Please contact us by mail or call us at 06-13303085.