School Toniataba

Karamba Foundation helps to improve the quality of the existing nursery school in Toniataba. Because of this the children get a more accessible and pleasant education.

The head of the Toniataba Lower Basic School asked us to support a number of projects. Of course, not all of them can be realized at the same time. We started step by step in 2015 and have already achieved many results. For example, new classrooms have been built, toilets have been made and a computer room has been set up. The school building has been painted and the vegetable garden of the school has been provided with a fence. Also a house for teachers has been built next to the school.

Future projects 
The following projects are still planned for the school:

  • The construction of a storage/stockroom
  • Generation of own energy by solar panels
  • The construction of extra toilets. The existing toilet building is used by 430 pupils. The extra toilets contribute to the hygiene and make the school more accessible for all children.