Building the Toniataba Techical Secondary School

the construction of the school is progressing steadily.

The construction of the new technical school is progressing steadily. Please help us to equip the classrooms! Donate surplus tools or support us with a financial contribution.

Happy with everything we have already received

How happy we are with everything we have already received for the Toniataba Technical Secondary School. Hand tools, computer cases, and even 10 brand new filled tool boxes for auto mechanics. Thank you to all the generous donors!
But we still need moreā€¦. that’s why we’re organizing a special collection week from May 17 through May 22. During that week you can hand in your surplus hand and power tools at De Zaak van Ermelo, Herderlaan 12 in Ermelo.
Do you do not have any tools but would you like to contribute? A financial donation is also more than welcome!

May 17 to may 22, collection week for tools and machines!

March 15, 2021, a day of celibration!

Last Monday, Karamba Saidybah, on behalf of Karamba Foundation and the residents of Toniataba, under the watchful eye of Gambian television, signed for the transfer of the land for the construction of a new technical school. The construction can start!!!

March 7, 2021, the constructionplan has been approved!

but here, on the main road to Soma, the Tonbiataba Technical Secondary School will soon rise.

In June 2020 we already reported to you about the plans we had for setting up a vocational school for the youth in Toniataba and Soma. And now the time has come, the constructionplan has been approved. The construction of the school is done in collaboration with the MRC Holland Foundation and the Gambian ministry of education, the Mobse. MRC Holland is financing the construction, and has engaged contractor Buba Jammeh for the building. The Mobse will take care of the running costs and we will be responsible for the equipment in the practical classrooms.

The school will consist of 12 classrooms, 15 toilets, 10 teachers’ rooms and 2 toilets and a kitchen for the teachers.

So there is no time to lose, and that is why we are diligently looking for generous donors. Would you like to help us? You can help us in several ways:

  • By donating materials to equip the practical classrooms (tools, workbenches, etc.)
  • By making a financial donation

Would you like to help?