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We’ve received printers

Jan van den Berg Makelaardij & Hypotheken gave us two very nice professional printers, including a whole stock of cartridges! The first one has already been transported to The Gambia and will probably arrive at the end of June, the second will be transported with the next container.

Jan van den Berg Makelaardij & Hypotheken thanks a lot, the school in Toniataba is very happy with it!

Container to the Gambia

Yesterday another container with 40 m3 (!) of goods was transported to The Gambia. The transport of a container is very expensive, therefor volunteers Annelien, Koen, Niesje, Teun and Wim, used every cubic cm and packed it with goods for the hospital and the school in Toniataba and for the shop in Soma. Normally a container is on the road for about 3 weeks, but due to the corona crisis, this container will not arrive in the Gambia until the end of June.

Would you like to help us to bear the costs for the transport? You can make a donation here.


Festive opening new building school Toniataba

What a wonderful trip to The Gambia we have again behind us! We have new, special experiences richer… An important reason for our arrival was the opening of an extra building, with 2 new classrooms, for the school in Toniataba. And what a spectacle this opening moment was! The ceremony even reached the national television of The Gambia…

It was impressive just before the opening. About 400 (!) pupils of the school walked towards us on the way. With the whole parade we walked on to the school for the opening ceremony. There were many important guests present. The mayor of Toniataba, the headmaster of the school and even a representative of the Ministry of Education held speeches. An imam bath in front of the school, students did a speech and there was singing and dancing by mothers. Together with the dignitaries we cut the opening ribbon.

Each speaker expressed great appreciation and gratitude for Karamba and our foundation. But also for our sponsors in the Netherlands, and in particular the Leonardoschool in Harderwijk. We were able to build the new classrooms thanks to a great financial donation from this school. In June they organized all kinds of activities to raise money for our foundation. Thanks to this donation the school in Toniataba now has more space for the students! “Together we make a difference” is on the big banner that hung on the new building. Above the text a picture of the students of the Leonardoschool.

All pupils and teachers of the Leonardoschool: thank you very much! You really made a difference!

Volunteers wanted!

We are looking for volunteers who want to help us 1 or 2 times a week with packing goods we send to The Gambia. Every quarter we send a sea container full of goods to The Gambia. These goods must be packed carefully to avoid damage. With these goods we can again support various charities in The Gambia.
If you are interested in helping us or if you would like more information, please send an e-mail to:

Skills Center Toniataba

For many children in The Gambia, secondary education after primary school is not feasible because of the costs involved or because there is no secondary education nearby. The inhabitants of Toniataba would like to see a Skills Center (kind of craft school) developed in their village. The board of the Karamba Foundation fully embraces this request. After all, having a vocational training/diploma increases the chances of a paid job considerably and promotes economic independence. The board has therefore decided to make every effort in 2020 to make the realization of a Skills Center possible.

Start building classrooms

We have started the construction of two extra classrooms for the school in Toniataba. The construction of these was made possible by the Leonardo school in Harderwijk. They collected a large amount of money for our foundation. The stones for the classrooms have been fired from sand, and the first layers of stones have been bricked up.