The Karamba Foundation carries out its work with due observance of a number of essential principles.

Sustainable result
The Karamba foundation focuses on the own strength and the available capital of (underprivileged) people. Loyalty and maximum commitment of the local population is crucial for achieving a sustainable result.

Small-scale aid
Despite the poor conditions, the Karamba Foundation works from the philosophy that the living conditions for the inhabitants of The Gambia can be improved by means of small-scale aid. It is not measured against the western culture.

Children have a right to a future
The possibility to get an education breaks through the vicious circle of the poorest in The Gambia: without money no education, without education (almost) no work. Education offers opportunities, not only for the child, but also for his family and their country.

A careful and responsible financial policy means that every euro must be retrievable, whether it concerns school uniforms or the financing of a building. The Karamba Foundation finances resources that benefit education, health and employment. To make all this transparent, finances in the Netherlands and The Gambia are accurately tracked in a clear accounting program.