Mission and purpose

The Karamba Foundation originated from a shared vision of a better world. The founders and the board have the mission to improve the living conditions in The Gambia by carrying out small-scale projects, such as building schools so that children have a better future perspective. In addition, other projects about which you can read more later on. All this to improve the living conditions in this African country, but not to westernize it.

Karamba Saidybah has been our contact person in The Gambia for years. The Foundation is named after him.

Our goal is to give underprivileged people, regardless of gender, race, religion or origin, in the interior of The Gambia the opportunity to build a better life and realize a future by:

a. Setting up and supervising structural education projects.
b. Developing structural medical care.
c. The development of structural projects in agriculture and ecology.
d. Promoting independent entrepreneurship.
e. Creating employment.

This objective is laid down in the articles of association.

The foundation tries to achieve its goal by, among other things, starting up and supervising goal-related projects.