The Karamba foundation has a board that consists of three board members: a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer. Together they are responsible for management, policy, financial management and internal and external communication of the foundation. They are responsible for the functioning of the foundation and the implementation of board decisions. The tasks are divided among the three board members.

Integrity in the broadest sense of the word is of paramount importance to the board. This means that contradictions between personal (financial) interests and board membership are avoided. The costs incurred by board members for meetings and the like are not borne by the foundation. Trips to The Gambia are paid by board members themselves. They receive no remuneration for their work. The board members are appointed for the duration of 7 years.

Board members
Henk van Bruggen, chairman
Laurine Erends, secretary
Teun Last, Treasurer

The board is supported by the wives Niesje Last and Rita van Bruggen, who do a lot of work as volunteers.